Garfield Youth Sports (Garfield Gators)

Since 1993, Garfield Youth Sports has mentored and fielded the Garfield Gators football program and the Gatorettes cheerleading program. The Garfield Gators was founded in 1993 by Frank Chatman, Bob Jones, Jr., Garth Taylor, Tone Walls, and Chris Woodward, with technical support from the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation. As a community asset primarily operated by approximately 40 African-American volunteers, the Garfield Gators have served over 4,000 youth since the inception. Annually over 250 male and female youth participate in Garfield Youth Sports which offers football, cheerleading and basketball programs for youth ages 7 through 17. The youth have learned the following values throughout their involvement:
• Community pride and belonging
• Excellent sports skills
• Cooperation and team building
• Good sportsmanship
• Self-respect and respect for others
• Problem solving and conflict resolution
• Educational achievement
• Planning for and envisioning a future
• Accepting responsibilities and consequences