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B.A.S.E. is a unique organization in the city of Pittsburgh in that it has evolved from a youth football and cheerleading program into a year-round organization offering after-school, summer camp and mentoring programs to youth. By transitioning to a full-year, volunteer and staffed program, the organization has evolved into Building positive relationships through: Advocacy, Social supports and sports and Empowerment. The mission of B.A.S.E. is to strategically advocate and connect youth of promise and families to life sustaining resources.

Garfield Youth Sports (GYS), a program of Brothers and Sisters Emerging (B.A.S.E.), began in 1994 as a football, cheerleading and basketball program serving youth. It was founded by five African-American men in the Garfield area of Pittsburgh. Approximately 250 boys and girls ranging in age from 5 through 15 learn teamwork, good sportsmanship, respect for oneself, others and those in authority. G.Y.S. is staffed by volunteer coaches and parents who provide coaching expertise, cheerleading training and operations of the concession stand. There are approximately 40 African-American male coaches who work with the youth annually and many of them have done so for 15 or more years. The coaches and leadership of B.A.S.E. provides in-depth team mentoring and help youth navigate the difficult environment they are growing up in. Youth in our programs and their families seek out assistance from the coaches year-round. Brothers and Sisters Emerging (B.A.S.E.) was started in 2008 as the parent company of GYS in response to the needs of the youth, families and community.

Through hard work and persistence, the leadership of B.A.S.E. has achieved year-round expansion for its program offerings which include:

• Sports – football and basketball and cheerleading
• Mentoring – Group and Individual
• Advocacy and support
• Resource and referral
• Cultural Enrichment
• Annual Awards Banquet
• Fitness Camp
• After School Program


To strategically advocate and connect youth of promise and families to life sustaining resources.


Our endeavor is to create community environments where cycles of social, emotional, educational, and economic disparities are broken

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Education Right

Healthy Environment

Nutritious Meals

Personality Development

School Material

Counselling Sessions

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